Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snow covered clear jars (amost snow like)

Just had to give a sneak preview of a few of the items featured on our recent Open House tour. What a great time we had. My son assisted in moving this cute project to another level by using a product on the glass BEFORE adding glue and snow. This makes for easier cleaning. I drew the tree and he taped it - did his magic and waited hours for the snow to dry completely. They are so pretty with just a hint of glow at the bottom of the tree - Hope you like it. Look for more posts - perhaps tomorrow.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Making a definite impact - small or LARGE?

Each of us has probably purchased one of the black wrought iron wreath stands - I have a couple and use them a lot. While rummaging in the basement for something different for my Christmas Tree theme this year, I came across an old floor lamp - you know the type that has a swing arm or it can be stationary but think of re purposing it into a BIG wreath stand. I removed the electrical parts of this one about fifteen years ago with good intentions to rewire the thing, but it never was placed on any one's list of things to do. I've used it a couple of times to display an item and even a wreath - years ago, but only this week - realized how neat it would be to bring it out again. Dusting the cobwebs off was all it needed. My bathroom is very small, but what an impact this makes? This gem won't be cast aside any longer. Enjoy - oh - please check back in for some photos of our Christmas 2010 Open House. Merry Christmas.