Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Meet my newest little decorating accents

Hello everyone. Sorry I have been away from posting on our blog; everyone is so...busy. Had to share this cute new idea to reuse older items. I love needlework in all forms and this past winter, began cutting them down to a smaller size and ended with a cute small pillow to hang anywhere I needed a splash of color. Possibilities are endless.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pillow postings

I love to make pillows. Show a small piece of needlework to me or perhaps a tea towel or even better, anything cross-stitched and I will make a pillow. I rarely hang a piece of art created in needlework. I had rather do a pillow for a special chair or sofa (can't do a matching set). My favorite type of pillow is a small dkp -known as door knob pillow. You can hang it from any place that needs a splash of color or to celebrate the memory of a loved one. This cute sort of modern take on a pillow was created by cutting a variety of pieces from favorite shirts and blouses you can no longer wear. I love the splash of RED. The big C pillow created by me used a sample monogram piece from my aunt Renate, using her embroidery machine. Lucky for me, she gives me all her sample items and I enjoy using them to create really unique pillows for friends and family. Of course my cousin Patty's last name is a "C" and I know she loves toile and a splash of red. She will use this on a gorgeous black rocker recently purchased. The small oblong pillow was created by using a great piece of needlework by our deceased Aunt Grace. Years ago, she began to do each state flower and I was fortunate to have acquired them after her death. Patty's daughter lives in LA, so it was great to have a home already picked out by the time this small pillow was completed. Enjoy it Amy! Thanks for checking our blog; all of us busy but we check in once in a while. Happy Memorial Day - can't believe how the time is rushing.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Greetings ....from a favorite shrub

Happy Spring. Not sure how the photos will flow on this post, so bear with me as I introduce one of my favorite spring shrubs. If you don't have a Flowering Quince in your garden, please consider one. A hardy shrub in our Zone 7, but check for your particular area. This specimen is lovely even before it blooms. Tight buds will greet you in mid February as they slowly creep out and enjoy the first traces of sun and warmth. Pretty soon you will see tiny leaves emerge and then a full array of gorgeous blooms. I'm not sure if other colors are available; I have only seen the pink one I have. Cuttings are easily transplanted should you wish to expand.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hang on to your shirts/blouses ideas to be explored

Just HAD to share an updated photo of other collars for jars, etc. Earlier post introduced you to this cute idea BUT I wanted to emphasize that you do not have to do these on a sewing machine. In fact, the first one I completed was done on a machine and I pulled out all the stitches and used a slip stitch. Much neater job and ease of turning under the hem. Try these EVEN IF YOU DON'T HAVE A BUTTON AT THE NECK. They would look great in a bathroom to store cotton balls or Q-Tips. Personally I like almonds and M&M's in mine. The black and white check blouse had NO BUTTONS, just ties. Wow - this blouse was an antique, so I sewed the ties on and hemmed as usual. It looks great. Thanks again to Jane for posting photo of the magazine.

Ah.... the joy of repurposing.... AGAIN

Recently while visiting my cousin Patty in Alexandria, VA, I was introduced to the cutest publication entitled Flea Market Style - 2011. Living in a small town, I don't always have the opportunity to grab this cute magazine due to quantities available and I jumped at the chance to obtain another copy. What cute complimentary ideas to any home.... I am on a serious hunt for nice shirts or blouses that will allow this idea to be embraced. A way-too-tight blouse proved to be a good choice as I made a cute collar for an old glass jar. Look around your house; you probably have some of these. I like to keep almonds in easy reach and this looks so cute. Try it - Thanks Jane (for posting photo of magazine).

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Hello - Excuse the brief absence; we've all been quite busy with holiday fun, removal of Christmas and all the other exciting chores we are involved in. I wanted to "get the jump" on Valentine's Day by showing off this cute heart. I love to recycle and reuse and was thrilled to find a much too small gorgeous RED sweater that needed a new look, so I did the usual - After shrinking it in hot water and drying same, I drew different sizes of hearts, cut them out, using a couple of buttons for embellishments and after two hours of looking for a tip in some book to show "how to do a blanket stitch", I thought of Google. Silly me - should have looked there first. I love the simplicity of this little number and it will find it's new home hanging on a door knob or perhaps hanging on a suction cup in a window. Hope you like it. Again - Happy Valentine's Day.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snow covered clear jars (amost snow like)

Just had to give a sneak preview of a few of the items featured on our recent Open House tour. What a great time we had. My son assisted in moving this cute project to another level by using a product on the glass BEFORE adding glue and snow. This makes for easier cleaning. I drew the tree and he taped it - did his magic and waited hours for the snow to dry completely. They are so pretty with just a hint of glow at the bottom of the tree - Hope you like it. Look for more posts - perhaps tomorrow.