Monday, August 30, 2010

Slipcover 101 - finished project for my book

For those that follow on a regular basis, I promised a post of completed slipcover. That was a while back, I'm ashamed to say, but it is FINISHED now. This project was by far, the most difficult and challenging, but that was because of my fabric choice, NOT the slipcover itself. I've completed three in the past, but NEVER NEVER NEVER attempt one with something this difficult to match. I am motivated to start on a slipcover for a small sofa we use daily but the fabric is not my choice, so the next BEST THING to do is a slipcover. I plan to purchased several good quality painters cloths - WASH THEM FIRST in hot water and dry in a drier which will shrink fabric BEFORE MAKING SLIPCOVER. In addition, washing will make the painters cloth much softer and easier to work with. Hopefully I will enjoy this cute slipcover in my living room where it proudly sits. Can't wait to show it off to my guests. A lot of my friends who visit are probably wondering "has that slipcover been completed yet?" but they are much too kind to ask.

Friday, August 20, 2010

New look for a great piece of art

Sorry I've been out of touch with blogging for a short time, but I'm back. I missed you. Wow - how fortunate can a person get? My cousin Patty and her friend Susan of Alexandria Va met me in a quaint lakeside town called Clarksville, Va for a girls outing and upon arrival, she presented me with a gift. I had been introduced to this wonderful artist months ago but to own a piece of Capodimonte - wow that's GREAT. A pair of these belonged to Patty and a lot of things don't have to seen together and she parted with one of them - we both use a glass votive holder and candle RATHER than the usual tall taper. Who says you can't get out of the box and do something different?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sinks are NOT just for washing up. . . . . . . . .

Saw something similar on one of my blog searchs a couple of weeks ago and thought about duplicating the look. Earlier this spring while roaming the woods behind our house, I spotted an old iron bathroom sink halfway buried in leaves and debris. It stayed put until yesterday after I talked my husband Carl into going among the poison ivy leaves and pulling it out. A good scrubbing was all that was needed to move it to a usable state and I spotted a perfect spot for this HEAVY gem under the stair landing off the deck. We had a bit of a struggle to install it with sufficient holding elements, but soon we had it mastered. I ventured to Lowe's and rescued a wave petunia plant on the discount table for only $3. It looks so cute - just had to share this one. Also, for those that are following posts, I promise to get back to the slipcover project TOMORROW. I have to drive that little project to completion. Thanks so much for stopping by our blog. We have ALL been a little absent lately.