Saturday, February 27, 2010

For added attraction

Hello again. I mentioned I would not post again until March 1, but I HAD to show off this cute wall pocket. A friend makes beautiful pottery and sells it in his shop - I've purchased five of these beauties over the years. They add a simple freshness anywhere they are hung - I loved placing it on the small door knob to this china cabinet in my living room. Adding small flowers just gives these pieces an extra bonus - Jonathan makes these in a taller size which looks great near a fireplace where longer matches can be stored for quick use. I have another small, long one hanging with tiny flowers on my window casing near the kitchen sink. Such pleasure from a small item. Best part - Jonathan lives in the USA - Danville, VA.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Found - an abandoned piece of McCoy Pottery

No one should have priceless items in their house they have forgotten about. A few weeks ago I posted a small collection of my prized pottery - McCoy. Tonight while looking for something else in the basement, I opened an old cabinet and just peered in. At the back on the second shelf, I spotted this beautiful McCoy piece. It is in mint condition and has a soft shrimp or coral color. It is so pretty. I dusted it off, brought it up the stairs and displayed it on the shelving piece in the small hallway. Wow - I must take inventory soon of all this stuff. I have accumulated a ton of stuff over the years and like so many others, never discard much. Some pieces just have to stay with me. I am pleased to be able to admire this piece of pottery every time I pass through the hallway. How fortunate for me.

A small haul to greet you on Friday

DAV kept calling out to me - stop by, stop by, you will miss these items if you don't come out. Anyone knowing me will attest to the fact that I dislike COLD weather with a passion. I won't even eat snow ice cream. That bad! Yes - But yesterday was "hair day" and of course, I had to venture out - cold or not. I stopped by later than my usual visits and did manage to pick up some really cute items. The cute cute cute door basket trimmed in blue was sitting idly in a corner of the store, near the Christmas items and I can not believe that no one had picked it up during the day. Lucky me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't you just love the paper mac he pair of rabbits - they will look great any place they land. I missed the other pieces of these two dessert plates with the pussy willow blooms on them, but they will work well with something I am planning for SPRING. $.25 each - and I forgot to mention that the basket was $1.25 and the pair of rabbits was $.50. I love the other three dessert plates with green spirals on them. They were a steal also. Don't you just love thrift shopping? I might add, NONE of these items were marked with the notorious MIC - for those that track my buying traits. Can't wait for Spring. Don't you love our ticker at top of blog to remind you of days to SPRING! Have a great weekend. Just think - when I post again - it will be MARCH.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

See previous post from a moment ago

Looking for Spring - hop on board

Thought I would share this cute cart my husband Carl constructed out of recycled wood from an old tea cart I mentioned a few posts back. He kept the iron wheels from the cart, knowing that one day I would ask for them for another project. I wanted something to use on the front porch to say "Welcome" to guests and love spring tulips and daffodils. Living in the country - we have the usual critters and the squirrels love to dig the tulips and devour them. So - to avoid more destruction of planted tulips in the ground, I decided to shop for some nice silk ones. They will work fine and even look like the real thing at a distance. Of course, when I know the tulips and daffodils have spent their blooms for this season, I will pull them out and store them for another season. Then I'll use my real life plants like geraniums or other potted plant that will look good in the cart. This little beauty will take center stage for many of the projects I already have in mind. Carl outdid himself on this one - it's a definite keeper.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Latest haul from local DAV (lucky me)

Visited our local DAV thrift shop this morning and wow - I found the neatest items - all things that I have been looking for to work with another project, etc. Can't wait to redo the neat spring hat - this will look great on my front door AFTER I add plenty of accessories - it will be dashing, to say the least. You might not see them too well, but I picked up four almost new leather looking chargers - and I've been looking for some table accessories in yellow to do a small table scape for spring fling. The best book on sewing projects, etc. was available for $1.40 and a great book our fine state - Virginia was picked up for $1.25. Too many items but my mind has been whirling all afternoon as I ponder on what to do first - but you can bet - I will post my finished project upon completion. If you are not shopping at your local thrift shops - you are missing out - it's your best option yet and the money spent stays in the community.

Best in Show - different approach to photos

Meet Julia - my new little subject for pillows. What a perfect way to compliment a photo - use with fabric to make a "one of a kind" pillow for your home. For those that sew - don't you just love the fabric you can run through the printer? A former sewing technique that I have reintroduced to home decor. Enjoy - This little number will be given to Julia's mom Molly - my cousin Patty's (who regularly posts comments) daughter in law.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

From table setting to pillow

Could not resist purchasing two sunny yellow tulip shaped place mats at Marshall's yesterday. I broke my promise to NOT purchase anything MIC, but with some sewing notions and fabric items, you just gotta do what you gotta do - they were reduced to less than half price, so the total of both of them was $3.14. I rummaged through my fabric stash and found a coordinating fabric that looks nice with the tulip I think. Appliqueing tulip to a large piece of fabric (measure for pillow to be inserted) was easy and I had some fabric to do cording on one pillow. The mate to this one may have to be relegated to male status and be displayed without cording - since it is difficult to work anyway. Placing these bright, cheerful pillows will welcome SPRING in any city. Observe our ticker each day - it's closer than you think.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

We are on the road home from Michigan to VA after seeing our grandson Easton for the first time Feb 5th. We had a fabulous week in Michigan and spent tons of time with Easton. Thursday the movers came and packed up Keely and Jason's(my daughter and son-in-law) house and finished up Friday.Friday night was an adventure with us sleeping on air mattresses since we had no furniture..early Saturday morning we pulled out bound for VA...about an hour or so into our trip, our back tire blew! Thankfully the truck has dual wheels so mainly just an inconvenience but caused a 2 hour delay..we found a tire place open and had that tire replaced. Last night we spent the night in Charleston WVA and are getting ready to make the last leg of the trip to VA here in a few minutes. Easton is a good  little traveler and at three weeks of age has already visited/lived in three different states! Wishing you all wherever you are, the Happiest Valentine's Day ever....xoxoxo

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Before Kitchen Project

Located this old photo from twenty years to post which enables you to see what the kitchen looked like earlier. Updated photo of finished cabinets to follow.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Thought I would get a head start and make a few Valentines this year rather than purchasing paper ones. As I have previously posted, art has never been bestowed upon me. I appreciate it in many forms. I didn't do too badly when I drew this one from scratch - placed it on a piece of red fabric (from my unlimited stash) - I even figured out how to work my zig zag elements on my old Singer sewing machine to sew the edges. I lined the piece, turned it and pressed it and then using thread to match - ran a closely sewn zig zag stitch all the way around, which caused the heart to have some flexibility. Stuffing (actually purchased some at HL (Made in USA) was added to make it soft and fluffy. Slip stitched the edges and then added the cute black and white checked ribbon. Was excited to post this, however, could not get a good photo of the front door where this cutie is displayed, so I chose the only other bright lit area - the back kitchen door. Hope you like it too - you have 5 days to whip one up for YOUR Valentine.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Some old things NEVER become old

Most of us have heard of McCoy Pottery even if we have not had the opportunity to buy a piece. This true American company was successful in the late 19Th century and some of the 20th. I've seen it in Antique shops all my life and have only had the chance to purchase the pieces you see displayed here. I have other American made pieces of pottery I will post later, but McCoy Pottery is classic and I would not disrespect it by mixing it. The colors used in the process have stood the test of time and though in the past, through my comfortable ignorance of doing so, I planted IN the piece itself. This is a no-no. Years ago I realized the value of these pieces and removed all plantings. Now, they sit proudly displayed together in my living room on a round table in front of my window and once in a while I will purchase a small plant, already potted, and just place it inside my McCoy piece. They are priceless - a real American treasure. I'm pleased to own these few.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cards of the 40's to Pillows of Today

As promised in an earlier post, I have made our first pillow to begin a series of pillows to compliment beautiful greeting and note cards of a by-gone era that many of us long to revisit. Modern technology is appealing but one can not replace the sincerity of the well wishes conveyed through older cards. We will launch Southern Thresholds Collection - 2010 as soon as details on Etsy can be outlined. We're positive that guests will want to acquire a pillow from this collection which will capture and preserve those wonderful years of the 40's.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Appreciation of things of the past

Do any of you purchase greeting and note cards - only to find that lately it's easier to text a greeting or perhaps e-mail someone? I'm guilty of the latter, but wanted to let our guests in on the nicest collection of note cards and greeting cards I've seen in years. My cousin Patty had kept these for quite a few years (they were passed down to her by family members years ago) and last fall while we were working on a project in her house in Alexandria VA, she gave them to me - the whole lot. It must be over 100 cards. Many of the envelopes would not pass postal guidelines now, but I will use the cards and lovingly send them to many of the shut-ins at my church. These ladies will probably recognize the timeless beauty of the wording on the front. I love them so much and wanted to share them with you. I'm glad you're on the receiving end to enjoy them and not on my sick list of shut ins. Just a couple of the greetings to share - Especially for you! Just to remind you Now your birthday is due. There's no one more deserving of happiness - than you! Another one with a cute kitten saying Hello - Just a little note to say "hello", and ask if you can guess - how pleasant it is to think of you and wish you happiness. How cute are these two? Enjoy this special collection of a dear and caring person who kept these for years. Best thing of all: Made in USA

Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome February - month of the Valentine

There's something about Valentine's Day or the month of February to make us stop and think of a special person in our lives. We are special because we have someone special in our lives. Wanted to wish each of our guests a wonderful February and take the time this month to do something special. I used a wreath from years past - cut the flowers off stems and drew a half heart on paper and had my husband Carl cut two pieces out of a left over piece of decking board. After he cut the two pieces out, I asked him to drill a hole around the edges (large enough for the stem of the flower). I hot glued the inside edges of the heart. All of you that know me - I can NOT draw even stick people. After placing the flowers around, I saw the shape taking place before my eyes and thought "how easy is this" - wow - To cover the edge of the wood, I rummaged through my stash of ribbons, etc. and found a piece just long enough to hot glue and cover; all I had to do to finish this nice piece of work was to hot glue a small red and white ribbon in the center of the white ribbon and then a bow was tied and it was hung between the two windows in our small den - we hibernate here during the winter months - Carl watches his old westerns and I sit on the couch perusing magazines and books and thinking of another project.