Friday, September 24, 2010

Using what you already have . . . . . . sometimes it is GREAT

My friends call me the "queen of recycling" - I love it. It's a great way to save the planet, save some cash and who out there doesn't like doing that? My son had a few pieces of shelving left from our bookshelves project and I was pondering what to do with perfectly good boards. I had spotted on a blog months ago something similar but did not want to copy exactly, so I chose another route. Rather than use fretwork and painting the whole object, I decided to install a cute ROUND frame I've had for years, tossed in a drawer downstairs and then the real fun began. I love taking photos and must have hundreds like many of you, but I was seeking the "perfect one to compliment the look I was going after" and this is what I come up with. It is all painted white and houses a beautiful photo I took over six years ago after a brief shower of snow. I love how all the trees around Carl's workshop stand out. You gotta love a free project once in a while. This gem will be enjoyed during Christmas season and I can even display other favorite photos.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Framed piece for all to see and enjoy

Sorry this was delayed in being posted with first post. Blogger was not the usual ease of use today. Photo would NOT upload. Here is the finished framed small plate. I found just the right spot to hang this and enjoy it so much. Look on right side of screen under LABELS to read post that should have been included with this one.

Newly dressed treasure for all to see

Don't you just love a new look for a treasured piece; perhaps a small plate from a previous collection; perhaps a wedding plate from a grandmother's house - Anything can be mounted on the appropriate mat and framed. Having the best framing expert can be helpful and I'm fortunate to live in a town that has one. Jonathan is a friend and does wonderful pottery pieces, teaches classes at our local museum and he also owns a great framing shop and is great to work with. I found these two lovely small plates at our local DAV thrift shop (the set of four had been broken up and only these two remained). Of course, since there was red on one plate, I knew my cousin Patty would love to be the new owner AFTER I had Jonathan frame them. They are so pretty - try this look on a treasured piece - I bet you have just the spot on a wall and you can enjoy the piece much better than moving it around in a drawer or china cabinet. Lucky me - I spotted these for less than $3 and already owned two really nice walnut frames.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Here I go recycling AGAIN and AGAIN..........

Just had to show off this cute contemporary looking photo frame with curved back (it has the easiest access door to the back of the frame). Picked it up at a little flea market just outside of town earlier today. The wood appears to be oak and I thought of using it to display a cute saying regarding dinner (or rather, the lack of it). I loved the way it just sits on the counter - no easel or stand - just the curved shape allows it to stay put. Almost forgot to mention..... it was only $1.50.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Getting dressed for a "new look"

Don't we all love to create new spaces? I do. I love bookcases and have been toying with an idea to have some installed, but kept putting the project off. My son is visiting and has some great carpentry skills, so we got together and he came up with this look in our small TV room, off the kitchen. Living in an old house has some advantages, because of niches and areas jutting out, etc. This area housed a nice beveled edged mirror that I wished to keep, so the approach worked out great. I love the way the shelves wrap around the wall and framing the mirror. You can see a small section of shelves that face the kitchen. All of my cookbooks are stored here now for easy access. I've never been a fan of all books on shelves; I love to sprinkle in treasures and objects I love to be around. I'm very proud of my son's efforts - he did a great job in just two days and I'm fortunate to have a sister close by who LOVES to paint. She opted to assist in this task and the whole project was moved to COMPLETION within three days. You gotta love a plan that works this smooth.