Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Hello - Excuse the brief absence; we've all been quite busy with holiday fun, removal of Christmas and all the other exciting chores we are involved in. I wanted to "get the jump" on Valentine's Day by showing off this cute heart. I love to recycle and reuse and was thrilled to find a much too small gorgeous RED sweater that needed a new look, so I did the usual - After shrinking it in hot water and drying same, I drew different sizes of hearts, cut them out, using a couple of buttons for embellishments and after two hours of looking for a tip in some book to show "how to do a blanket stitch", I thought of Google. Silly me - should have looked there first. I love the simplicity of this little number and it will find it's new home hanging on a door knob or perhaps hanging on a suction cup in a window. Hope you like it. Again - Happy Valentine's Day.