Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pillow postings

I love to make pillows. Show a small piece of needlework to me or perhaps a tea towel or even better, anything cross-stitched and I will make a pillow. I rarely hang a piece of art created in needlework. I had rather do a pillow for a special chair or sofa (can't do a matching set). My favorite type of pillow is a small dkp -known as door knob pillow. You can hang it from any place that needs a splash of color or to celebrate the memory of a loved one. This cute sort of modern take on a pillow was created by cutting a variety of pieces from favorite shirts and blouses you can no longer wear. I love the splash of RED. The big C pillow created by me used a sample monogram piece from my aunt Renate, using her embroidery machine. Lucky for me, she gives me all her sample items and I enjoy using them to create really unique pillows for friends and family. Of course my cousin Patty's last name is a "C" and I know she loves toile and a splash of red. She will use this on a gorgeous black rocker recently purchased. The small oblong pillow was created by using a great piece of needlework by our deceased Aunt Grace. Years ago, she began to do each state flower and I was fortunate to have acquired them after her death. Patty's daughter lives in LA, so it was great to have a home already picked out by the time this small pillow was completed. Enjoy it Amy! Thanks for checking our blog; all of us busy but we check in once in a while. Happy Memorial Day - can't believe how the time is rushing.