Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Greetings ....from a favorite shrub

Happy Spring. Not sure how the photos will flow on this post, so bear with me as I introduce one of my favorite spring shrubs. If you don't have a Flowering Quince in your garden, please consider one. A hardy shrub in our Zone 7, but check for your particular area. This specimen is lovely even before it blooms. Tight buds will greet you in mid February as they slowly creep out and enjoy the first traces of sun and warmth. Pretty soon you will see tiny leaves emerge and then a full array of gorgeous blooms. I'm not sure if other colors are available; I have only seen the pink one I have. Cuttings are easily transplanted should you wish to expand.


  1. It's just lovely Miss Bettie! I love it completely. The frame is a great find also. I love what you did with it. love ya, Victoria

  2. Very pretty, Bettie. I am not sure if we can grow them in Zone 5 but I will check. It really is beautiful. Great photos!


  3. Love the Springy which you know is my favorite time of the year