Monday, September 6, 2010

Newly dressed treasure for all to see

Don't you just love a new look for a treasured piece; perhaps a small plate from a previous collection; perhaps a wedding plate from a grandmother's house - Anything can be mounted on the appropriate mat and framed. Having the best framing expert can be helpful and I'm fortunate to live in a town that has one. Jonathan is a friend and does wonderful pottery pieces, teaches classes at our local museum and he also owns a great framing shop and is great to work with. I found these two lovely small plates at our local DAV thrift shop (the set of four had been broken up and only these two remained). Of course, since there was red on one plate, I knew my cousin Patty would love to be the new owner AFTER I had Jonathan frame them. They are so pretty - try this look on a treasured piece - I bet you have just the spot on a wall and you can enjoy the piece much better than moving it around in a drawer or china cabinet. Lucky me - I spotted these for less than $3 and already owned two really nice walnut frames.

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