Saturday, September 4, 2010

Here I go recycling AGAIN and AGAIN..........

Just had to show off this cute contemporary looking photo frame with curved back (it has the easiest access door to the back of the frame). Picked it up at a little flea market just outside of town earlier today. The wood appears to be oak and I thought of using it to display a cute saying regarding dinner (or rather, the lack of it). I loved the way it just sits on the counter - no easel or stand - just the curved shape allows it to stay put. Almost forgot to mention..... it was only $1.50.


  1. That's cute Bettie! You could glue a piece of dry erase material to it and make it a wipe off board!

  2. Thanks for your comments Victoria. I will HAVE to purchase some chalk paint - it will be much easier to use and change sayings. For once, I was attempting to be conservative. ha ha