Friday, September 24, 2010

Using what you already have . . . . . . sometimes it is GREAT

My friends call me the "queen of recycling" - I love it. It's a great way to save the planet, save some cash and who out there doesn't like doing that? My son had a few pieces of shelving left from our bookshelves project and I was pondering what to do with perfectly good boards. I had spotted on a blog months ago something similar but did not want to copy exactly, so I chose another route. Rather than use fretwork and painting the whole object, I decided to install a cute ROUND frame I've had for years, tossed in a drawer downstairs and then the real fun began. I love taking photos and must have hundreds like many of you, but I was seeking the "perfect one to compliment the look I was going after" and this is what I come up with. It is all painted white and houses a beautiful photo I took over six years ago after a brief shower of snow. I love how all the trees around Carl's workshop stand out. You gotta love a free project once in a while. This gem will be enjoyed during Christmas season and I can even display other favorite photos.


  1. I love that Bettie! And that picture is post card perfect! just lovely.

  2. I think the picture looks like a postcard too..will be perfect for the open house!

  3. I was so fortunate to have KEPT the photo. It's great to see how big the hemlock has grown.