Thursday, April 15, 2010

Creating a new look for candles

Candles come in many styles, shapes, color and sizes. Jar candles hit the scene some years ago and will always be favorites. Recently my cousin Patty pulled out two clear glass votives which belonged to an old family friend who has passed away now. Needing to enhance two wall sconces, Patty recalled having the votives and retrieved them from her arsenal of candles and accessories. You would have to see her collection to believe it. I loved the effect of the clear glass votives and set out to locate a pair. Naturally I checked out the Goodwill thrift shop first and there they were, sitting idly on the shelf, trying to be noticed and they were. I snatched them up for .50 each, washed them and looked around to use them some place. Then I spotted these two old, HEAVY gears from old machine parts and you guess it - they fit perfectly and the look is modern and best of all - you know me - Made in the USA.


  1. very clever!!! loved it, thanks for another great idea!!! God Bless!

  2. Thank you so much for your comments and taking time to read our blog. It means so much. Have a great weekend.