Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sage striped slipcovers REALLY do cover

Here I go again, needing to redo two lawn chairs that have been around longer than most of us. The two chairs in question must have a couple of dozen layers of paint and I am not keen on paint removal, so.................... you know me, I do the next best option. Sew a slipcover for the chair. I was fortunate to find several yards of a very good 100% cotton fabric and the strip is so faint, you hardly notice it. Without too much fuss and not requiring a zipper nor Velcro, this project turned out pretty good. By Saturday, I will have the matching chair fully dressed out in its finest coat ever. No VOC issues and no messy paint to clean up. How good does it get?


  1. Love your slipcovers, Bettie. The fabric color is perfect for outdoors.


  2. Well, you've done it again!!! Move over Martha Stewart, there's a new gal in town & she's GOOD!!!!! They are beautiful, I'm going to hire you to redecorate my house ~ LOL!!! Thanks for sharing...Have a great night!!!!

  3. Thanks so much, ALWAYS, for such nice compliments and especially following our blog. Our goal is to share knowledge and skills and to let readers in on any new ideas and ventures that can be duplicated to enhance their home or garden.

  4. I agree, Bettie could definitely give Martha a run for her money!