Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Recent finds - lucky me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While out earlier this morning, I decided to take a quick run through our local DAV thrift store. I can't recall EVER stopping in and not finding something that perks my interest. When I spotted the worn and tarnished toast holder - it was $1 (I think it is English - not sure), I scratched it and figured it would come clean and shiny while using Soft Scrub with Lemon. This is a great product and it smells good. Took a little while to clean all the areas, but it is well worth my efforts. I can see toast awaiting a simple and tasty brunch. I was hoping that some of my small, dessert plates would fit in the slots, but they failed to make the grade. I had spotted the little, handmade pottery piece months ago and it was only .50. Today it was only a quarter and I felt it needed a home. It will be cute to use on the porch with a small, votive candle. Someone made it in 2004 and gave it to someone and it ended up in a thrift shop. Such a cute piece - I will enjoy it a lot. Loved the small needlework piece, depicting rabbit and several carrots. I like to take small pieces out of the frame, wash and dry them and make small door hanging pillows to greet guests. Such a cute addition to an entrance or to mask an ugly door knob. The cute, green trimmed plate with rose colored painted flower is by Homer Laughton - got this for $1.00. Last, but the best of all is the hand painted cute wall hanger from Italy for $2.50. What a haul - if you don't thrift shop - you should.


  1. I love all of your treasures, Bettie. especially the toast rack. I have a ceramic one that I love!


  2. I collect Homer laughton plates and I know they can be pricy..great find! Don't you just love
    when you find great deals on things like that!

  3. Great finds....Loved all of them :) ~ have a great night!