Sunday, April 18, 2010

What drives and motivates you??????????

My cousin Patty recently gave this MADE IN THE USA sign to me. She knows how I am about MIC purchases and I love it. While visiting her last week and exploring a host of thrift shops - she did include a couple of great shops at Tyson's Corner. Have you seen different sizes and shapes of clear glass with wheat growing? One high end shop had these for sale to compliment your decor but they also had the wheat seed at $4 a cup. We both purchased a cup and Patty planted hers as soon as we returned home. By the time I department on Sunday, hers had sprouted up and watching this stuff grow is so fascinating. I planted mine on Tuesday and this is the height in five days. It is so neat - seeing the little hair like roots growing down into the soil and shallow rocks makes an interesting conversation piece any place in your home. Of course, you need to water and turn it each day - place in a sunny window, but not directly in the hot sun. Enjoy - and you can proudly say to your friends "This was Made in the USA"


  1. Love seeing the wheat growing. Folks with small kids should do that so the kids can see how plants grow.

  2. Oh also think its important to by USA its getting harder and harder to do lately...I love the idea of the clear glass to watch everything grow!!