Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Second in line for blooming

Finally SPRING arrived bringing warm weather and longer days, especially after the time was moved up for one hour. I anxiously await the blooming of my two favorite bushes each year. These have been planted for over ten years but beautiful blooms as you see here don't come without a bit of planning and work. You have to be sure to prune just a little AFTER the blooming season is over. If you get busy and see a lot of green growth during the summer, don't think about pruning at that time. Buds have already set for the next blooming period and you will not have many or any if you prune. Just let the bush grow larger and larger - then enjoy the blooms the next time around. The white bush is a spirea - planted as a small one gallon plant, it takes up a huge section of the corner of our house. What a welcome this bush says to all who enters our driveway.
At the opposite end of the house sits my pride and joy - Lady Banks Rose which is simply gorgeous even without blooms. For those who have allergies to fragrances - this rose has NO SMELL and no thorns either, so it is a good choice for your yard. I've attempted to transplant a piece a couple of times, but no success.