Saturday, May 22, 2010

From a favorite linen skirt to neat accent pillow

Here I go again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Needing to share a post with you, I rummaged through my old clothes - many of which I can no longer wear, BUT BUT BUT I love the thing, kept it in my closet for years, hoping to get back into a size 8, but as we all know, as we age, our bodies do too. I'm in a 10-12, but recently decided to "go with it - face it and know that I will NEVER get into some of these clothes AGAIN". Rather than give them to Goodwill, I opted to make something really cute and enjoy that favorite garment in another way. I loved the simple white linen skirt with the ever so slight dark beige thread that made up the edge of the flowers on the bottom of the skirt. Lots of top stitching on this skirt, which adds to its beauty. I cut two sections of the skirt, leaving a good edge to allow for hem and created this cute pillow. I love to hang pillows of this type EVERYWHERE. I recently completed my bedroom walls with sheet rock compound to cover up some really BAD plaster. Didn't know what to hang over the bed, so I opted to hang a cute item and thought about the pillow - I think its really cute and is just the right amount of simplicity to compliment the rest of the room. You can see just a small portion of the neat silk brown/turquoise cornices - IF you don't have a favorite skirt to use in this manner - a cute initial done on a pillow would work well.


  1. Now that's a cute littel pillow!!!! Another great idea, MOVE OVER MARTHA :) Have a great day, God Bless!

  2. Once again you have given me a great idea to try. I actually have a white linen skirt that I can't get into, so now I have to decide what to embroider on it. Thanks, Bettie!