Sunday, May 30, 2010

Let me introduce my favorite plant to you

I love geraniums. I've never seen one I didn't love, want to bring home and nurture it and give it a home. This little gem was given to me as a gift from a good friend who had planted many annuals around her patio and had this cute specimen left over and had no place for it. I happened to be visiting her later the same day and she kindly presented it to me, knowing how much I loved it. I brought it home, enjoyed it all summer and when the late October nip in the air settled in, I brought it inside and placed it in the only available spot to receive light in our basement. It was meant to survive the high traffic area it was placed in and the occasional drink of water when I passed by and saw its drooping leaves. But I prevailed and all winter, watched the little plant take on a few new leaves and when March came around this year, I planted it in a larger pot and gave it a prominent place in my kitchen window. The first photo (if I uploaded correctly) shows the bloom as it emerges and the second shot displays the gorgeous color in full color. Don't you just love geraniums - they are so..........easy to maintain. Please try one.

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