Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New purpose for a small corner shelf

Don't you love it when anything can be used in more than one spot - an item that takes on a new personality when placed with other things you love. I have always loved SMALL books and have many. Displaying these tiny treasurers is sometimes daunting. Last week I redid our bedroom and took everything off the walls, including a cute, wooden small hanging corner shelf. I think these were popular in the 40's and I had hung it in the corner of the room displaying a small collection of the famous Little Gallery Pewter Collection from years ago. Tired of this look and always having to dust them, I took the shelf down, cleaned it and wondered off and on during the painting project "where to use this shelf again". Then I thought of my small books and decided to use the shelf in a horizontal position and place the books on it. Looks really cute - reinforces my purpose to re purpose a treasured piece. It looks great on the shelf, above the tv.


  1. Isn't that something...seeing something in a new light and finding a new purpose. I think the shelf looks fabulous like this and you have quite a collection of small books there!


  2. I love the shelf turned sideways! I collect the mini books too! You could put a couple with the fronts facing out on that smaller end. I have a few that have really cute attached markers, like a sewing one with a thimble on a ribbon, a bear one with a fuzzy bear on the ribbon, a Paris one with a mini Eiffel tower, etc.., I like to display with them with the 3-D attached items showing.

  3. What a perfect repurpose! It's the perfect size. Thanks for visiting today. Hope you're having a good week...

  4. well I always say great minds think alike. I have a small vertical bookcase/shelf and have done the same. I swear I move that thing around to every room. Thanks for the reminder---I think it's time for another move!