Thursday, May 27, 2010

New found treasures - ripe for picking

Had to run an errand this morning, so while I was out, stopped at our local and my FAVORITE thrift shop - DAV to hunt for some neat items. Was I lucky or what? I love the books - if you can't make out the titles, one is BH&G Cottage Style dated 1998 - hard back for a price of $2; another great find is: Katie Brown's Weekends dated 2005. Little more at $5. Ethan Allen's New American Style published in 2001 for $2.50 and the last book was BH&G Small House Big Style published 2000. Picked this one up for $2. All hardback and in great shape. I wonder about the person who owned the books previously. I usually write my name and perhaps something about why I purchased it and usually write down the date. None of these had such a personality attached to them. But they have a home now - notes in all four and they will reside here with me for now. The beautiful water color painting was only $2.50 and the nice green/brown fern fabric runner was only $1. How fortunate I was to be out and about this morning. Oh - almost forgot the wicker sleigh - how cute it will be this Christmas on my window frame exhibit with some deer in front. Of course the nice linen drying towel was a neat find at $1 too.


  1. Bettie, I bet the Small House Big Style book is neat. I love the sleigh. I look forward to see how you display it at Christmas. Would love to see you and Gayle

  2. It was a great find. I perused the whole book last night and look forward to my second reading and absorbing. You would love the two cute small reindeer I picked up a few weeks ago at the DAV - where else do I go? Call Gayle and set up a Friday of thrift shopping. I'm ready.