Sunday, June 13, 2010

Branching out in two places

While visiting my sweet niece Keely at their new home - we HAD to check out the nearby thrift shops. Not too far from her home we found the neatest consignment shop. Two of these jewels were hanging high on the back wall and I spotted them before Keely had the car in PARK. I jumped out first to check and see if they were even open on a Friday afternoon, after 4 pm - no sense in her getting Easton out of his comfortable seat and getting the nice, but difficult to work, stroller, but they were OPEN indeed. The nicest lady greeted us and was so gracious to move items about to allow Keely to stroll through and around things. I purchased these two great pieces for $10 each - they are hand forged and really versatile. Keely found a couple of neat items and Easton was admired and praised by the other shoppers. What fun we had. The match to this little gem is hanging between windows just like these two - in my living room. I think they were made to have clay pots in them, perhaps 4" size, but as gardeners know - you can't grow a good plant in such a small space, so I did the next BEST THING - scouted around the house and found the appropriate size piece to fit in the opening. I will cherish these for quite a while. They are beautiful and most of all, I can think of Keely whenever I see these in my home.


  1. Very nice, ilove to chek out new places to :thrift around"!!! Thanks for sharing, have a great Sunday night!!

  2. They look great- I had a wonderful time during your visit, looking forward to our next shopping adventure! :-)