Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Let's squeeze some lemons or limes - your choice

I can not understand my reasoning when purchasing some of the items I have acquired over the years. I have always loved fresh squeezed lemonade and make it often. Of course, those nasty seeds are always a hassle to remove, so I started looking around the house recently for some old ones I knew I had packed somewhere. Months passed and I spotted two old ones, downstairs on a shelf. I knew more had been purchased, so I kept looking and come up with these . I love the glass cutting techniques that must have been used in the production of them. I looked glass juicers up and found that most were made in Australia. There must be hundreds of them around; I'm proud of the ones I have and after seeing such a host of them, intend to display mine better. The best thing about owning one is making lemonade - of course I made a simple syrup and added fresh basil - it's so.....................refreshing. Please try it.


  1. Those are very pretty, I'm with you the seeds are the "pits" LOL!!! I love lemons, the scent is just so clean & fresh, I love to zest it onto my shrimp scampi ;D Enjoy!

  2. You know how much I love anything lemon or lime...so I love your post! try that basil in some eggs. Jim makes that baked omelette I told you about and adds fresh basil when available...really a good addition. I need to try in lemonade too.