Saturday, June 12, 2010

Repurposing a good thing into a BETTER one

When I spotted the two hanging metal wall sconces at our local DAV thrift store, I knew instantly where they would end up. Green was the original color and of course I had to have them spray painted BLACK. Carl, my ever present painter of all things I need, took the task and did a great job I might say. I wired them together to make a single four arm candelabra which hangs above our little bistro table on the screened porch. It's so cute. Excluding the cost of the can of paint, I have only $2.50 in this cute item. Looked everywhere for some glass votives that would fit in the opening, but failing this venture, I thought of several candles left over from Christmas luminaries I could put my hands on without tearing through fifty boxes in the basement. Hope you like it...we are enjoying it so much. As always, with lighted candles, NEVER leave them unattended. Enjoy during the time you are eating and then blow them out, remove candles and store away from sunlight.


  1. Is that the two you bought while shopping with Keely? love it! and a perfect choice for your screened porch

  2. No - those were other ones; I haven't posted that one yet. You need to see them. Perhaps you and Debbie can come for lunch one day.