Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Repurposing AGAIN and AGAIN

Can you guess what this item is? Years ago my sister Lois and I discovered a good idea to reuse old bed springs. Imagine that? We spent half a day cutting them out one by one with wire cutters then wiring a short section of picture hanging wire on the sides, spray painted them BLACK and came up with some cute innovative hanging vessels. We talked our brother into cutting stems from goblets because we needed to have the right height inside the spring. I don't think mattress springs are substantial like these were and we thought our idea was so neat. This event took place over twelve years ago; we should have marketed the item, but like a lot of folks, we enjoyed our invention, sold a couple to some friends and family members and after years of sitting - decided to throw the rest of them out. Such a shame now that I see mine. It's so cute. I use it with flowers rather than candles - either one works really well.


  1. Very cute, Bettie and a great recycling idea!


  2. Why in the world would you throw them away! I love mine! I gave the one you gave to Aunt Lucy to Danny and Daphne when I cleaned out her house and they thought it was great. Not like you to throw things away.

    Cousin Patty

  3. I cut apart some springs from an old chair (it was so big we took it apart before putting it in the trash) and used them to train my vines on the back fence. Love what you did with your springs!

  4. I am inspired to go on a hunt for an old spring. I know some of these old barns have one stored there. I'll have to wait until I know for sure, SNAKES are not around. Gayle has encouraged me to open an Etsy shop and this type of item would do great. Too bad it wasn't around earlier. We shall follow this venture -

  5. Bettie, I just read through the blog, it's been awhile. Your posts are just lovely! I will catch up soon. Love all the repurposed items!