Thursday, June 3, 2010

Once upon an apron . . . . . . . . . . .

Needing to locate a piece of brown fabric in the correct shade and not being successful, I did my favorite thing.........................check out our local Goodwill. I stopped by and found the apron posted below. The perfect shade of brown - it was a done deal at $1.
This little number would become a cute pillow for my niece Keely's bedroom - Added some neat ribbon trim and the pillow was complete. Don't be intimidated by not finding fabric for a small project, look for a ready made item and redo it. The main thing - you will repurpose something that someone else will treasure.


  1. I love my new pillow ... you are so crafty & creative! Thanks again, it goes so well with my bedroom theme. Love you!

  2. Beautiful look for pennies! I love Goodwill!

  3. You really should start a business on Etsy...since I'm not working with a client now and a few extra hours per week; I would have time to help you get it up/running if you like