Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Introduction to my favorite plant

If you have ever had the pleasure of purchasing or been given a coreopsis plant - you are special. This is by far, the most hardy plant in the world. I was first introduced to coreopsis in the early 90's when Gayle and I signed up for the local Master Gardeners class, sponsored by Virginia Tech. We were so proud to be in this class - we learned so much about gardening and often refer back to our notebooks as valuable resources. Check your local extension office to see if this class is available in your area. It is worth the small amount of money it costs and classes are only one night a week for several months. I was told that this was a perennial and all the info that comes with this species of plant. They were CORRECT. It is still with me. The seeds reseed and if you keep it watered just a little during the dormant months of winter, you will be visited again and again. I never tire of the beautiful yellow blooms and the foliage is lovely also - willowy and if you dead-head the spent blooms (this means to snip away the dead blooms) you will have a continuation of blooms until frost begins in late fall. I started out planting in the soil and was plagued with weeds and weeds and more weeds, because this is part of gardening. I'm a lazy gardener so I started placing my plants in containers several years ago - I love this method and the weeds don't bother me nor the plant and BEST OF ALL - I don't have to worry about Carl zapping them with the weed eater when he trims. Husbands don't seem to know a weed from a plant. Ask Gayle!!!!!!!!! Coreopsis - if they come in another color other than yellow, please let me know - they can become your favorite also. Enjoy


  1. Oh so beautiful! I so look forward to "your" posts...all of the projects & the flowers! Thanks for sharing! God Bless!

  2. There is a rose one, but it is not quite as, I don't know how to explain it, but it's just not quite as showy. I like them with coneflowers and liatris. The flower look like tiny cosmos, and it is a worthy plant to grow, I just still prefer the yellow one. Of the yellows, I prefer Zagreb, as it is a paler yellow, but every one of the cultivars is a perfect plant!

  3. so pretty - I am looking forward to your visit so you can share some of your Master Gardening knowledge with me! :-)