Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Long Harsh Winter is Over (I hope)

This past Winter was one of the roughest we've had in quite a few years. Last year on April 13 I took the following pictures of an area on the side of my house. You will notice several shots of Lunaria or Money plant as many people call  this plant and how tall it is (and blooming)...this year the plants are barely 6 inches tall due to the long cold winter we had.


  1. Oh, please send some of that our's been such a cold snowy winter & now we have had rain for weeks on end. Massachusetts is in a state of emergency & Rhode Island which is where I work has been declared a disaster area...we so need sunny dry weather & FLOWERS!!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Did you get snow withthe cold? Your hardy prennials will probably be even more gorgeous (though later!) than usual if you got enough snow cover.

    Spring is even sweeter after a long winter, isn't it??

    Where are the grandbaby pictures???

  3. Yes we got TONS of snow this year..several snows with over a foot of snow! there are tons of pics on Keely's blog of you have that address?

  4. Wow - I love that color purple... it's so striking!

    Here's the link to our blog so your friends can see Easton: