Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Noel - such an tradition - let's not forget

Love the word "Noel" - it speaks to each of us - as we recall the words to the wonderful song "The First Noel". I hope the present generation of young people never forget the song, nor the words. Noel - even the word brings back such memories of Christmas long ago. As we are almost full swing into the Christmas season, let's each take a moment to reflect on traditional values and the true meaning of Christmas. Using a piece of discarded wood and printing out from the computer large fonts, I cut out Noel and placed it on the board with small finishing nails to hold the letters in place. Then I twisted red pepper berries on the nails to write out the word. Hanging it in a good spot will welcome your guests. Enjoy - and most of all project was made without spending a cent.


  1. This is SO cute ... you would make a fortune selling something like this on etsy.com. You could do a whole range of "Christmas words," like Noel - Believe - Merry - Celebrate ... even sayings like "Tis the Season" would be great!

  2. So glad you liked the Noel sign - it didn't too long to do this, but the one thing I LOVE about doing this type of project is one that Gayle and I both challenge each other on ALL THE TIME - is to do a project and not spend a dime. I had all the items to do this project and it is so cute. The piece of wood used was recycled from two other projects that were salvaged from an old tea cart from years ago. Recycle - it's MY FAVORITE THING.