Saturday, December 26, 2009

Was Santa Good to You?

Was Santa good to you yesterday? Our day started very early by opening gifts at my house with my immediate family, then we went to Mama's and opened gifts and had dinner. Jim's Dad came with us and we stayed ALL day...saw tons of relatives and enjoyed some good food. I got all kinds of goodies including giftcards from Coldwater Creek (one of my favorite stores). In case you're interested, the larger Santa is from the 40s and one I found in an old shed located on the property of a house I lived in back in the 80s...I didn't do much decorating in the formal LR this year as we still have some painting (notice the woodwork) to complete and I was trying to simplify where I could...Take  a moment and tell us whether you got coal or some goodies this year...Notice how Santa is winking!


  1. Santa was far better to me than I deserved, as I have been rather cranky this year.

    Among my most treasured moments was a thank you note from a group of soldiers in Afghanistan...6 men in a foxhole, living under a camoflage net.

    They spent Christmas in a hole in the ground, no roof, no bathroom, no nothin', enemies all around them, and I had the nerve to get myself worked up into a snit because my 80 year old inlaws spent the night at my house Christmas Eve.

    Talk about a much needed attitude adjustment!

    So yes, Christmas was awesome, an in unexpected ways.

    Love your Santas!!!!

  2. Thanks Tammy...I suspect we ALL could use an attitude adjustment when compared to what those serving overseas are dealing with...