Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The real Christmas spirit

As some of you know, I have four 'children'!
Lauren is 23
Erin is 22
Patrick is 21
and Andrew is almost 20
All four still live at home.
Lucky me!

Anyway, back to the Christmas spirit!

We were talking about what everyone wants for Christmas this year.
I had already decided to give my children $$$ since they enjoy shopping.
But I always put together a stocking for them.

And Andrew said he needed nothing this year.
Strange , because this isn't true!
But what he REALLY wanted was to sponsor a child from Africa.
So, that is his Christmas present.

And you know what??
He has truly given ME the BEST present.............................

After reading Kristen's response (THANK YOU XXXX) I just wanted to add I DID ask the others if THEY would like the same 'present'.
They refused.


  1. Your kids are so amazing!!! Miss you!!! xoxo

  2. That is a great story ... we should all follow Andrew's lead and remember what Christmas is really about. However, I am in need of a new camera to take photographs of our soon-to-arrive son, so I can't be completely selfless & un-materialistic this year. Maybe next year - wait, I'll have a newborn :-)

  3. Keely, once Easton is born you will be even more intent on bettering the world.... even more so than you are now!!!

    I must admit, Andrew has taught me a few things over the years.
    Tolerance, restraint and forgiveness just to name a few. LOL

    But I must admit, this is the first time I have been dumbfounded.
    He likes the good things in life
    But, this year, he really seems intent on 'others'.

    I REALLY like the young man he is becoming :)

  4. Ahhhhhh....this is truly the sweetest gift you could have asked for!!! The others will come around eventually, especially once they see the letters and such Anfrew gets from his sponsored child.

    I sponsor 4 kids through Compassion, if you need a recommendation for a fantastic organization! (2 are in Africa, one in India, one in Haiti)

    Also, you can provide a years' worth of education for young girls in Afghanistan through the GreaterGood sites (Hunger Site, etc.)

    Off my soapbox now......