Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cookie Baking in 10 Minutes or Less...

Be sure and look for these cookie mixes on your grocery store shelves...they are super easy to make and very tasty...all they take is one egg, softened butter and some water...the package suggested dropping by teaspoons but I rolled mine into uniform balls to keep my cookies the same size. I also baked mine the minimum time suggested (8 minutes) because we like softer cookies. They have other flavors too such as Gingerbread. The package makes around 3 dozen and I would give the mixes a big thumb's Up for ease in baking and tasty factor........... I made these to take to my Mom's for a Thanksgiving Treat and everyone loved them.

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  1. I want this!!!
    I find it VERY unfair that you post things like this (as well as your gorgeous boot sale finds) when you KNOW I can't join in!! LOL