Friday, July 9, 2010

Continuation of tour

Very small hallway in center of the house will lead to two bedrooms, bathroom and a linen closet and oh, I almost forgot - stairs to the basement. Ask Sharon what she thinks of the steps. We had them shortened this past winter since originally they were 7-9" and very steep. Going up and down them many times a day is a chore, but when I get to the top of them and close the door, I am comforted by the fact that my living space is too neat to trade in for something more convenient. You can see the ceiling to floor bookcases (flanked on two walls) - these were installed several years ago when we had the footed tub installed in the bathroom. That post will be done tomorrow, so please check in again. I'm still not proficient in furnishing data and photos - after all, I am comfortably ignorant with the technical stuff surrounding me. A good sized linen closet is also off this hallway and I am planning a makeover for that little gem as soon as I can muster the energy and ideas.

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