Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tour continued - entering from small foyer to living room

Higgins our sweet, eight year old lab will greet you at either door, but we rarely open this door. He happened to come up to view out at the traffic, so I snapped this photo of him - he blends right into the tone of the hardwood floor. How neat - try color matching with your pet.

Oh - I see I already need to do a look about BEFORE photo shots - the floor lamp at the end of the china cabinet (posted in an earlier post) should have been removed. It has to be rewired. As you can see in the photo, you have a clear view into the small hallway and beyond that is a view of the bathroom (to be posted in another post). I love the fireplace, but we don't use it too often because of the expense and also being in the middle of the house, I don't think it's too safe. Anyone that knows me, attests to the fact that I LOVE old 40's style furniture. I don't have any new furniture anywhere. I have three platform rockers; this one has a nice ottoman but I rarely have it placed in front of the rocker unless someone is visiting and needs to raise their feet.

This photo shows more of the room and into the kitchen. It's a good idea to take photos occasional and view your room - we can see the mistakes, etc. I need to work on hanging something over the fireplace. I just removed four framed pieces of art the other night and relocated them to the bedroom because they NEVER looked great hanging over the fireplace. More on this one later. You can see into the kitchen also and I have photos ready to post, but just in case Gayle or Sharon has a desire to sneak in a post or two, I won't be hoarding the site. Thank you for stopping by - I promise to share some more photos on next post.


  1. Oh girl your home is just lovely and I love that you have history with it...Love the oak floors and the fireplace...Thanks so much for opening your door to us...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  2. Sorry about mixing up photos and data - thank you for your kind comments. If you click on Blog archives - more posts - I promise to do better on remaining posts of tour.

  3. Your home is just beautiful, it looks like a charming country cottage somewhere in France or Merry Ole' England! Loved the pooch, we have a lab too, little yellow girl. She is a sweetie!

  4. Hi - don't forget to look at the blog archives to view first posts. Perhaps tomorrow I will be more proficient. ha ha Thank you for your comments - you are so loyal.