Thursday, July 22, 2010

More of the outdoor tour (see other posts)

Finally took the remaining photos of the back deck and downstairs for you. Had to delete a few photos during this process because memory card is full. Don't you just love a camera that reminds you that YOU CAN NOT TAKE A PHOTO. Back to our tour - Not sure of the sequence photos will show (I am still comfortably ignorant in this portion of blogging). Something like the LAST photo you take will actually be the first one show posts. The data I am entering is from my mind and I don't see rhyme or reason in that sometimes, but I hope you enjoy the view at the back of our house. It faces west and on severe hot days - the slipcovers I made for the deck chairs really take a beating, so I dress the chairs only for company. This row of three chairs remind me of a ship's deck - You can recognize the steps going down to the back yard and there you will be greeted by the covered deck. All of the pieces of black slate were picked up by me at a local quarry site years ago and finally were put to good use.

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  1. I love the polka-dot pattern on your outdoor chairs, that looks great!