Thursday, July 8, 2010

This is not a good photo of the foyer, but I promise I will gain some expertise as I move along. Please bear with me. Houses built in this era had a coat closet as you entered the door; my husband Carl uses this one as he doesn't require as much "stuff" as I do. Beautiful oak floors greet you as you enter from the foyer -----

As you can see, I do not place the sofa against the wall - it doesn't work in this house. The round drum table was acquired from an old friend when he moved to the nursing home. I love the simplicity of the table and have used it all over the house, but my favorite spot is where it's housed now. The 3 drawer chest is an old piece purchased over twenty years ago. The top board is over 24" wide and the wood is walnut. A couple of years ago while sitting and pondering what to do, what to do in this room for an uplift, I went to Lowes, selected a bright orange stain and while it was sitting in the same spot, rubbed the stain right over the piece and have the look of it since that time. I love painted pieces, but really HATE to paint and do not like to hassle Carl too much. He hates to paint as much as I do. The door at the back of the room is the door opening to the porch off the side entrance. Having lived in this house for over twenty years, it would be strange for me to enter through the front entrance. But, stay tuned, I am working on solving this dilema with a stone walkway leading from the driveway to the front and rerouting guests to this door.


  1. Great Post! I love how you always move things around. Things are always different from one visit to another. I love the green table as a coffee table.