Monday, July 12, 2010

Today's small catch of my day. . . . . . . . . .

Quiet in our little town this morning. Not much traffic, so I ventured across town to my favorite thrift shop (DAV) and found these cute items. Not sure if the painting comes out very clear, but it's not signed however, I loved the rich colors of it and will refit this in a larger frame with a mat. The wooden box-cut box is made in the US, so that was a good find at $2. The neatest thing I imagine is the handmade Christmas ornament with hanger from Dillards. Original price on the red box was $15 - I paid only .50. The handiwork on this ornament is unique - I will enjoy seeing this on display. I found two hardback books - both contained Christmas decorating and they were both $2. The cute golf club framed piece is nicely framed and original sticker on the back indicates - you got it - Made in USA. This was $5, but on sale for $2.50. My cousin Patty's husband Al is the only golfer I know and I thought he would enjoy this cute little gem either at home or perhaps at his office. He is such a good sport when I visit and I always like to pick up a special item for him. Of course, he had rather have a container of the roasted nut mixture, but I'll save that for later. Almost forgot the cute handmade piece of pottery displaying a nice beige color with small flecks of brown and tan with cutouts of hearts around the edge for.25 - I would say this was a good little haul.


  1. Hi Bettie,
    Send you a reply to your comment via email but turns out it was "noreply@blogg...etc. is what I wrote:
    Oh Bettie thanks so much for your sweet comments on my slipcover. I bought that chair to learn how to upholster and changed my mind and made a slip. I waited way too long to start it. Was too scared. Once I started, it was a breeze. I probably sewed half the main body the first day. Even the basting went quickly. I'm glad you're inspired to finish your project. I would really love to see it. Send me a picture? If you need help, advice or encouragement, just call me. I have bought another wing chair and just bought the fabric two days ago. Well, half the fabric I bought...the other half I already have. It's going to be interesting :) Just wish I were home to work on's driving me crazy!
    Thanks again! And don't forget to send me a photo!

  2. Thanks Nancy - I am so encouraged to start this project again. Thank you very much for replying. Have you purchased drop cloths and washed them several times and dried them - fabric sews really good and I think slipcovers are wonderful. I'll be in touch.

  3. Bettie, Lois found an identical print like the one you are giving Al...and by the way you DO know another golfer: Jacob! have you forgotten the theme of his 30th Birthday party already????? :) :) :)