Monday, November 30, 2009

Trunkful (or Boot as Sharon would say) of Goodies

Like Bettie was saying in yesterday's post, we took off early Saturday morning for a day of thrifting...thought I would share my "loot" with you gals too...I was primarily on the hunt for items to use on the outdoor tree I'm putting on the patio this year especially bird or woodland themed items...won't this birdfeeder look cute nestled in the branches?

Notice the flannel backed tablecloth? I'll use that for a weather resistant tree skirt..... the North Pole ornie in the bag? thought I would attach to a birdhouse I already own and add to the tree? the little red boots could hold goodies for the birds as well...the elf was a real steal...I plan to use that in the kitchen to hold snacks/goodies..the photo folding screen? Stay tuned for a cute holiday idea I plan to try this year.....if you've never tried really need to give it a can find some amazing deals at times plus it's the ultimate way to "go green" and save some green at the same time.


  1. Gayle,
    You scored some great items!! I love thrifting this time of year. I feel Sally A's calling my name right now. The thrill of the hunt! Can't wait to see what you do w/your stuff.

  2. Taking a few free minutes here to post and check out the blog again. I just love your new elf friend! Does he have a name?

    ***Thrifting the way to go. Truly the thrill of the hunt!