Saturday, February 27, 2010

For added attraction

Hello again. I mentioned I would not post again until March 1, but I HAD to show off this cute wall pocket. A friend makes beautiful pottery and sells it in his shop - I've purchased five of these beauties over the years. They add a simple freshness anywhere they are hung - I loved placing it on the small door knob to this china cabinet in my living room. Adding small flowers just gives these pieces an extra bonus - Jonathan makes these in a taller size which looks great near a fireplace where longer matches can be stored for quick use. I have another small, long one hanging with tiny flowers on my window casing near the kitchen sink. Such pleasure from a small item. Best part - Jonathan lives in the USA - Danville, VA.


  1. Very pretty.....I think that life's best pleasures come in small packages unless it's my 175lb Marine calling to say Momma open up the door I am home :) Have a great weekend!!!

  2. I love all your treasures!
    Next time I visit (and I WILL visit), you had better follow me VERY closely.
    Because I desire quite a few of your things

  3. Thanks Sharon. Would LOVE to have you visit again. Plan now - did you ever complete your runner with some appliqued pieces? You do very nice embroidery work.