Friday, February 26, 2010

A small haul to greet you on Friday

DAV kept calling out to me - stop by, stop by, you will miss these items if you don't come out. Anyone knowing me will attest to the fact that I dislike COLD weather with a passion. I won't even eat snow ice cream. That bad! Yes - But yesterday was "hair day" and of course, I had to venture out - cold or not. I stopped by later than my usual visits and did manage to pick up some really cute items. The cute cute cute door basket trimmed in blue was sitting idly in a corner of the store, near the Christmas items and I can not believe that no one had picked it up during the day. Lucky me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't you just love the paper mac he pair of rabbits - they will look great any place they land. I missed the other pieces of these two dessert plates with the pussy willow blooms on them, but they will work well with something I am planning for SPRING. $.25 each - and I forgot to mention that the basket was $1.25 and the pair of rabbits was $.50. I love the other three dessert plates with green spirals on them. They were a steal also. Don't you just love thrift shopping? I might add, NONE of these items were marked with the notorious MIC - for those that track my buying traits. Can't wait for Spring. Don't you love our ticker at top of blog to remind you of days to SPRING! Have a great weekend. Just think - when I post again - it will be MARCH.


  1. very nice!!! looks like you made out like a bandit :) I love going out and finding treasures!!! enjoy!

  2. Wow Bettie! I was wondering if you were feeling better and what you were up to! Looks like you are feeling much better! Hair day and treasures!
    Still haven't started my project. :(

  3. oh I just love your great finds! I totally agree about Spring.. funny i just posted yesterday about it on my blog..I am sooo tired of rain..we have another strom coming in..and I am itching to get into my garden and decorate and plant for spring!!!