Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Thought I would get a head start and make a few Valentines this year rather than purchasing paper ones. As I have previously posted, art has never been bestowed upon me. I appreciate it in many forms. I didn't do too badly when I drew this one from scratch - placed it on a piece of red fabric (from my unlimited stash) - I even figured out how to work my zig zag elements on my old Singer sewing machine to sew the edges. I lined the piece, turned it and pressed it and then using thread to match - ran a closely sewn zig zag stitch all the way around, which caused the heart to have some flexibility. Stuffing (actually purchased some at HL (Made in USA) was added to make it soft and fluffy. Slip stitched the edges and then added the cute black and white checked ribbon. Was excited to post this, however, could not get a good photo of the front door where this cutie is displayed, so I chose the only other bright lit area - the back kitchen door. Hope you like it too - you have 5 days to whip one up for YOUR Valentine.


  1. Bettie~~~

    The heart is precious!! Much better than a paper heart!!

    Yikes!! Only 4 more days?


  2. Very nice! Although I doubt anything I tried to sew would look as lovely!

  3. You can do it. Even if you didn't have a Singer machine, you can do HS (hand stitching). I did this technique for years until I finally purchased a used machine. Thanks for posting.

  4. Gayle came by my blog on 2/1 and posted a comment. I get my comments through my emali and have this email I keep seeing and almost deleting. I was retaining it to remind me to come by your blog. So, here I am. I enjoyed your post and the one about McCoy pieces (previous). I have a couple of pieces passed to me by my maternal grandmother. I have had a difficult time placing them and now realize I never should have planted in them either! Thanks!! Hope to see you around. Saw you have Beck's Christmas Sweater on your sidebar. I'd love to know how he ended it the first time - b/c he had to rewrite it for publishing-he said. It was an interesting story! See ya next time ... A Texas "Howdy" to you all. Jenn

  5. PS that's I get my comments 'through my email' not emali -- not a new software. Ha on me!

  6. Glad you stopped by Jennifer...Bettie has read The Christmas Sweater but I've not finished myself..didn't realize he wrote two versions!

    Bettie...the Valentines are SO cute..we're having a blast here in Michigan with Easton but will hopefully be home on Valentines Day

  7. Bettie, this is just adorable!!!! I love it.

    Gayle, hope you are enjoying that precious grandchild.

    Happy Valentines,
    Barb ♥