Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Looking for Spring - hop on board

Thought I would share this cute cart my husband Carl constructed out of recycled wood from an old tea cart I mentioned a few posts back. He kept the iron wheels from the cart, knowing that one day I would ask for them for another project. I wanted something to use on the front porch to say "Welcome" to guests and love spring tulips and daffodils. Living in the country - we have the usual critters and the squirrels love to dig the tulips and devour them. So - to avoid more destruction of planted tulips in the ground, I decided to shop for some nice silk ones. They will work fine and even look like the real thing at a distance. Of course, when I know the tulips and daffodils have spent their blooms for this season, I will pull them out and store them for another season. Then I'll use my real life plants like geraniums or other potted plant that will look good in the cart. This little beauty will take center stage for many of the projects I already have in mind. Carl outdid himself on this one - it's a definite keeper.

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