Thursday, February 18, 2010

Latest haul from local DAV (lucky me)

Visited our local DAV thrift shop this morning and wow - I found the neatest items - all things that I have been looking for to work with another project, etc. Can't wait to redo the neat spring hat - this will look great on my front door AFTER I add plenty of accessories - it will be dashing, to say the least. You might not see them too well, but I picked up four almost new leather looking chargers - and I've been looking for some table accessories in yellow to do a small table scape for spring fling. The best book on sewing projects, etc. was available for $1.40 and a great book our fine state - Virginia was picked up for $1.25. Too many items but my mind has been whirling all afternoon as I ponder on what to do first - but you can bet - I will post my finished project upon completion. If you are not shopping at your local thrift shops - you are missing out - it's your best option yet and the money spent stays in the community.


  1. Oooooohhhhh!!! I love all of your finds!!! I love to go to the Salvation Army Store & St. Vincent's, I've picked up some milk glass & some "pie birds" & a beautiful picture...Like I tell my hubby, one man's trash is another man's (woman's) treasure!!!! Have a great day, God Bless!!

  2. I think it is neat that you saw the hat and had a vision of how it would look on your door. I would be thinking of how it would look on my head and then pass it up. I think I lack your creative gene!! Love all of your pretty yellow pieces and can't wait to see what you do for Spring!! :-)


  3. Looks like a great haul you made!

  4. Bettie, love the yellow cups. where is this DAV? I really don't know where any thrift stores are in Danville.

  5. Bettie, what a haul. I never shopped thrift shops until I started blogging....don't know why. They just never entered my brain. Ha. Now I love them!!!

  6. DAV is located on South Main Street - on the right after crossing the bridge near the hospital. It's on the RIGHT before you get to DCC. Happy Shopping!

  7. Love the bunny! It looks familiar, like I've seen it before somewhere. You found alot of nice things!

  8. HI,

    Thanks for stopping by Chicory Nits. I really would love to live in the south. I love your elegance. You have such an interesting blog, having three team members and one across a continent. It will be fun following you all.

    Have a great day,