Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cards of the 40's to Pillows of Today

As promised in an earlier post, I have made our first pillow to begin a series of pillows to compliment beautiful greeting and note cards of a by-gone era that many of us long to revisit. Modern technology is appealing but one can not replace the sincerity of the well wishes conveyed through older cards. We will launch Southern Thresholds Collection - 2010 as soon as details on Etsy can be outlined. We're positive that guests will want to acquire a pillow from this collection which will capture and preserve those wonderful years of the 40's.


  1. Bettie, this is absolutely beautiful!

    Gayle, thanks for asking about me. I am much better.

    Barb ♥

  2. I absolutely LOVE it!!!
    And I want one!!!

  3. have been a busy little bee haven't you?

  4. Bettie! It's gorgeous, but I would expect no less from you! I love it and I agree with Sharon, I want one as well.