Friday, February 26, 2010

Found - an abandoned piece of McCoy Pottery

No one should have priceless items in their house they have forgotten about. A few weeks ago I posted a small collection of my prized pottery - McCoy. Tonight while looking for something else in the basement, I opened an old cabinet and just peered in. At the back on the second shelf, I spotted this beautiful McCoy piece. It is in mint condition and has a soft shrimp or coral color. It is so pretty. I dusted it off, brought it up the stairs and displayed it on the shelving piece in the small hallway. Wow - I must take inventory soon of all this stuff. I have accumulated a ton of stuff over the years and like so many others, never discard much. Some pieces just have to stay with me. I am pleased to be able to admire this piece of pottery every time I pass through the hallway. How fortunate for me.


  1. It's hard to find a place for everything. at least for me. And sometimes things hide in 'plain sight'. I like to take a little inventory once in awhile and move things from room to room.

    Now that piece of yours is gorgeous! Love the shape and color!


  2. That's a beautiful piece!!!! Such a beautiful color :) Have a great night!!! I Enjoy your blog :)