Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Collection or Obsession?

Do you have collections of items you simply love or do you have obessions like I do? I started collecting Gingerbread Men years ago....back when I first started collecting them; they were very hard to find. If you look over on the sidebar and view the video, you can clearly see how much I love the little devils...Unfortunately, I also have collections obsessions with several other things too such as snowmen, cookie cutters, spreaders, elves and books...Tell us about your collections and what got you started collecting what you do.


  1. I love gingerbread men, too. I don't think I am a true collector, I never buy anything for myself... but I always let other people know I like them.. does that count? I like Santas and snowmen, too.

  2. Terri you are very clever in letting people know what you like and NOT having to buy it for yourself...so yes I would say it truly counts

  3. I was about to cal you out for not mentioning spreaders, but after re-reading, I see you did 'fess up.

    Terri didn't mention her bells... ;o)

    I tend to collect things with acorns, and pinecones, and am working on a pretty good obsession with reindeer at the moment.

    And Christmas stockings.

    And jingle bells.

  4. As someone who has often assisted you with deocrating in the past, I can say firsthand that the gingerbread men are an obsession.... at least it's a cute theme, and quite appropriate for the kitchen/dining area. I'll miss seeing all the decor in person this year, so take a lot of pics!

  5. Gayle, I'm sort of a gingerbread nut myself!
    I actually got out my gingerbread measuring spoon set, well one of them, during the holidays because my other measuring spoons have slowly vanished! So, I remembered having them, it's one of the first gifts dh every bought for me. It's got a sign that says gingerbread and the 4 measuring spoons have different ginger people on them in graduated sizes. I hung it up over close to my stove JUST THIS WEEK. I guess I finally got tired of converting every recipe I used to accomodate my 1/2 tsp. surviving regular measuring spoon! I think I will just leave it hanging year 'round, at least now I KNOW where I can find them.
    Victoria S.