Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It is my birthday this Sunday and...............

................. not sure whether to celebrate or mourn!
Seems to me that it is getting harder to get out of bed each morning.
Old age?
Or exhaustion??
Or a little of both!

The 'kids' have finally asked me what I would like for a present.
And, this time, I can tell them!!!
I desperately want Michael Buble's new CD.
Funny, when he first became popular, I just didn't 'get it' but now, I LOVE him.
And I really want a nice pair of PJ's. Really cute , summer ones.
Because it is HOT here!!!
I would LOVE a BIG coffee cup.
A REALLY big coffee cup
With Santa on it.
That might help me wake up in the morning and not feel so old.
Maybe a gorgeous smelling candle would be nice, too!
And I want to have a meal together.
The six of us!
All together.
For at least a couple of hours.

You see, I am a simple girl with simple dreams!

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