Monday, November 16, 2009

Let's Get Organized

Instead of waiting until the week before Christmas to do your Christmas Cards, why not consider getting organized beforehand?...Start by finding a container to keep your cards/stamps/pens/stickers/address book in so you can dash off a few at a time as you are watching tv or when you find snippets of time throughout your busy days. Years ago I bought this decorative box full of premade cards and decided to keep for this very purpose..the box is a decorative element and looks quite festive left sitting out on my desk in the den. I love the little ties myself and you could easily add some ties to a sturdy box you might have tucked away...Instead of buying something, why not look around your house and see what could work for holding all your card writing supplies...Some "out of the box" ideas to consider:

  • a pretty festive basket

  • a photo box you could embellish

  • a pretty tote

  • a large tin (those type the popcorn comes in would work great)
If you could start now and write a couple cards each day, you could be ready to mail the first week of December. I know with the cost of postage going up..up..up; lots of folks are not sending cards these days and I think that's kinda sad...for less than a dollar, you can mail a card to brighten someone's day and perhaps give them a bit of Christmas's hard to not smile when you go to your mailbox during the holidays and pull out a Christmas Card to read.....Please share your tips how you make Card Sending as easy as possible with us, we would love to hear your thoughts!


    1. I just love sending and receiving Christmas cards!

      I do mine on the 25th of every month...Rudolph Day, for those familiar with Organized Christmas....which really helps break it down in to manageable bites.

      I also have ready made labels I use, which makes things much easier, though I confess I like the look of hand addressed envelopes better. I use the clear labels, and a pretty font, though, so it still looks nice!

      Another tip from OC, for those of you who include a family newsletter in your Christmas card, is to jot down each month anything that happened that might be worth sharing in that newsletter.

      This is another great thing to do on Rudolph Day, and when it comes time to actually write the newsletter, it is nice not to have to depend on your memory for the entire year that just passed!

    2. Hello ~ I love your blog! Looks great so far! Good luck & I wish you lots of success. :o) I'm an official "follower" now. Yay!

    3. Gayle, Sharon & Bettie....just lovin' this blog. You guys have really done a nice job on it. Gayle...what you had talked about with the Christmas cards ~~ I do just that. I have everything in a big basket and when I sit at night I jot off a few. I probably have over 1/2 of them done already and am just thrilled that I do.

      I love to send and receive Christmas cards and have quite an extensive list...doing it in this non-rushed way gives me ample time to jot a quick note in them too if I want to which might, uh, make that would NOT happen if I was rushing to do them last minute.