Monday, November 16, 2009

Just a quick 'hello' from the third member of this blog!

I have just got back from a whirlwind three weeks in USA.
Truly, heaven!
You girls who live in USA are blessed.
Not that Australia isn't paradise.
It is!
But I have a special place in my heart for USA.

Anyway, we flew into LAX on October 26.
Picked up a car.
Headed off down the highway towards San Diego.
We stayed here for a week.
The food, the weather, the people...everything was lovely!

Then, flew to New Orleans.
I could go on and on about NO
Beautiful city.
So sad in the outer countryside.
Broke my heart!
The ones who are suffering the most are the real backbone of that area.
They are the ones who have NO in their souls but can't afford to live there.
And the lack of services in those areas is beyond belief!
Anyway, we stayed here , in the French Quarter , for four magical nights.
Caught up with friends and had a wonderful time

Then, got a BIG car and headed off for our six day road trip.
I had forgotten just how BUSY the traffic is in USA!!!!!
And how FAST!!!!

We headed off through Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.
Stayed in Hilton Head
And then onto our 'old' hometown of Atlanta.

Then, it was home!

Thank heavens we now have Christmas to look forward to and plan.
Keeps my mind and hands busy!!!

Looking forward to boring you with photos of our trip soon
Sharon xx


  1. Hello, Sharon. I have heard wonderful things about you. -Anita

  2. Sigh... sounds delightful. Did your husband go to medical school in Atlanta? My cousins did. One in med school and the other in aerodynamics. Can't wait to see your photos!~

  3. Sharon...your trip sounds absolutely divine...the only thing missing was the stop in Pittsburgh..LOL...hey, maybe next time !

    I'll be looking forward to seeing the pictures.

  4. I cannot wait to see the pictures!!!! Adrian is going to have to arrange his schedule around mine in the future. Do please let him know.

  5. as always good to see or rather hear from you. Am loving the blog. I posted somewhere else on here but can't find it!

  6. Sharon - so glad you had a wonderful trip!