Monday, November 23, 2009

Who has finished their Xmas shopping???

We went to the local mall this past weekend!
After battling to find a parking space , we ventured into the mall.
To say it was CROWDED is an understatement!!!
There were lots of 'sales' but nothing inspired me.

I really need to carefully think about what I need to buy everyone.
I am giving the kids $$$ because that is what they WANT!
So that is easy
Just need to get things for their stockings.

I am getting my mother some gold hoop earrings.

My mother in law??? She says she wants nothing.......... WHY do people say that?? They know you will get them something. Just TELL us what you want!!!

I remember Adrian (DH) told Lauren (DD) he didn't want anything one year.
And that is what he got!!
A jar of nothing.
He thought it a VERY clever gift but I have noticed, since then, he always has a list of suggested gifts.
Funny about that!
Adrian is very present orientated. :)

I need to buy a few friends some presents.

And I want to make some cookies etc
I LOVE home made goodies!

I ordered the meat from our local butcher so I can check that off the list.
Pork roast.

Still working out the menu though.

We are having friends over for Boxing Day but that will be a 'left over' lunch.
Xmas left overs are always so yummy!!!

So, off to the mall today, again.
JUST in case there is something there that is a 'must buy'!!!

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  1. I am all but through....I can't buy David's, because he wants the Beatles remastered set, and I need to wait til I am within the returns guidelines, in case something is wrong with the discs.

    I do like to save a few things back so I can go out in the middle of all the madness! But it's just things I know I will be able to find.... stocking stuffer things, and gift cards.

    LOVE Lauren's Jar of Nothing!!