Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thinking Outside the Box (or Shoe)

An easy way to bring some holiday cheer into the kitchen is to think a bit outside the box and incorporate holiday pieces into your decor...I keep my utensils right by the stove and thought this Santa shoe would be the perfect vessel for holding them...this same shoe could be used in the bathroom to hold guest towels or even used on the tablescape with a bowl to hold food...try thinking outside the box shoe and see how many ways you can think of using the same item. For fun, tell me some other ways I could use the Santa shoe in my holiday decor....


  1. I've always loved that shoe ... some other ideas: #1 When entertaining a larger crowd, use it to hold silverware/plasticware & napkins.
    #2 In the bathroom to hold small guest toiletries (soaps, shampoos, etc)
    #3 Under the tree to hold small, wrapped gifts, such as giftcards or jewelry.
    How's that? :-)

  2. Very cool shoe!!! :-)

    If you are having guests for the holidays, you could use it on a side table in the guest room to hold some things to make your guests feel at home, ie lotions, magazines, tissues, etc.

  3. use the boot to hold toilet paper in the bathroom!